Cancellation Fee $42.50 + $32.50 x 4 Week notice period (*SOUTHPORT MEMBERS ONLY)

Cancellation Fee $42.50 + $32.50 x 4 Week notice period (*SOUTHPORT MEMBERS ONLY)

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Southport Location Only Available Online - See Local Staff to Cancel at other Studios


*Please use your Name, Email, Phone number that is used on your Gym membership, otherwise we won’t be able to process your cancellation 

If during the term of your Agreement you wish to cancel your Membership for convenience reasons, then you must first:

(i) pay the $42.50 Administration Fee 

(ii) Provide four (4) weeks notice by way of Cancelling the membership

(iii) Pay the full four (4) weeks notice in full and in conjunction with the Administration Fee.

NOTE: You will have full access to your studio and membership for 4 weeks after processing your cancellation fee.

*If you cannot afford the whole amount up front, you can use our buy now pay later options. 

For more information on our Membership Terms and Conditions please visit;


*Please take into consideration it could take up to 24 hours to process the cancellation on the 5EF system. if your membership falls due on the day following the cancellation payment it will be processed as an additional week.