5EF Southport 6 Week Challenge (7th Nov - 18th Dec)

5EF Southport 6 Week Challenge (7th Nov - 18th Dec)

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Are you looking to get in shape for Summer? Perhaps you want to feel incredible before the festive season? If so this 6 week challenge is for you!

The 6 week challenge is a tailored program for each individual that decides to join, the challenge registration will include the following: 

Weekly Macro Coaching 

We want to be as specific as possible with your macros, that is your daily intake of fats, carbs & proteins, we understand it is your nutrition that is going to get the overall results and needs a lot of attention.

You will be responsible for logging your daily foods in the premium version of 'my fitness pal' and you will grant us access to the app so we can keep an eye on all your food intake.

our job is to monitor the intake of food versus results on our in-body bio-scan machine on a week to week basis to ensure best results are achieved. 

Weekly Inbody Scans

Each week of the challenge you will need to weigh in on our inbody scan machine, we will spend some time going over the results so you have an understanding of where you are at, what changes need to be made, and, why we are making those changes. 


The best part about challenges is it brings our already incredible community even closer together, it does this through shared wins, hard workouts and of course activities to keep us moving! we have three (3) great activities lined up over this 6 week challenge, which include;

1) Bounce Ninja Obstacle Course:
The morning crew & the afternoon crew will go head to head in a friendly competition through a fun obstacle course.

2) In House Competition 

The much anticipated in house competition will go head, all are welcome to test their fitness against some of our more challenging programming.

3) Brisbane 5km Foam Run 

The Annual 5km Foam run to finish off our challenge, a great way to go out on a high!

Goal Setting 

In addition to the above, we will also set some time before the challenge starts to go over what your goals are, what is attainable in the 6 weeks and the plan to get you there.