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Introducing the perfect way to kickstart your fitness journey - the 10 Day Kick-Start Challenge! This dynamic package is designed to give you a powerful boost into a healthier lifestyle. In just 10 days, you can ignite a transformation that will get you on the path to your fitness goals.

This challenge is designed with efficacy in mind, with a blend of curated workouts, personalised macro plan, and supplemental nourishment. Your body will experience an incredible jolt of health and vitality, a solid foundation for a more extensive fitness adventure.


  1. 10 Days of Comprehensive App Access: Get your hands on a plethora of workouts, right at your fingertips. The app makes your fitness journey exciting and accessible, enabling you to start working out anywhere, anytime.

  2. Personalised Macro Plan: Nutrition is a key factor in any fitness regimen. We provide you with a customised macro plan that aligns with your fitness goals, helping you understand the best way to fuel your body for optimum performance and results.

  3. Supplement Kit: Complement your workouts and meal plan with our range of fitness supplements. Designed to boost your progress, these supplements will enhance your energy, recovery, and overall results.

  4. Motivational Support: To ensure you stay on track, we provide you with continuous motivational support. Remember, this challenge is not just about transforming your body but also your mindset.

With the 10 Day Kick-Start Challenge, you'll gain a dynamic and convenient way to leap into the world of fitness. Consider it your ultimate on-ramp to a healthier, stronger, and happier you. Let's kick-start your fitness journey together!